Yemen Company for Paints & Derivatives Ltd.

الشركة اليمنية لصناعة الطلاء ومشتقاته المحدودة


Date and Place First Established:

     1981, Taiz, Republic of Yemen.


Nature of Ownership:

     Family Oriented





Manufacturing and sales of environment friendly and high quality paints, chemicals and their derivatives in the Republic of  Yemen and exporting to neighboring countries.





To become the market leader through offering:

  1. High quality environment friendly products.
  2. Corporate social responsibility.
  3. 1st class customer service.




  • Offering customers environment friendly, high quality products and ensuring continuous class A service that meets and satisfies the customer's requirements in the field of paint, chemicals and their derivatives.


  • Developing human resources skills and capabilities and implementing total quality system in all company activities and operations.


  • Developing company's overall business activities to generate maximum turnover and profit.


  • Maintaining a high market share by activating the role of marketing and brand management, effective cost reduction and fostering creativity and innovation.


  • Making optimum use of available resources and generating sufficient cash flow to fund R&D and introduce new products and also to fund our future development projects.



Development Plans:


  • Expansion of existing production lines capacity of decorative paints.


  • Expansion of industrial paints, adhesives and printing inks production lines.


  • Expansion of existing  metal packaging cans (Conipails) manufacturing by installing a new production line.


Affiliated Banks:


  • International Bank of Yemen.
  • Yemen Kuwait Trading & Inv. Bank.
  • Tadhamon International Islamic Bank.
  • CAC Bank


Subsidiary firms:


     "M/s. Tilal Trading & Contracting Company Ltd."

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